Immigration Canada requires you to have a medical examination. To do this, you need to arrange for an appointment with a designated medical practitioner (DMS)

Note: You must have your medical examination performed by one of the doctors on the list. If you do not follow the instructions in section 2 below, you may have to take another medical examination and pay the fees again.

The doctor will require all applicants who are over 10 years old to have a chest X-ray. An x-ray is required by children under 10 if there is a history or clinical examination which indicates there is need or if there is evidence of tuberculosis in the family. You will receive instructions from the doctor.

You must take with you to the doctor's office: your passport, your client ID# if known, your eye glasses, any relevant medical report(s), and four recent passport size photographs showing head and shoulder for each member of the family required to undergo a medical examination.

All costs related to the Medical Examination are your responsibility

It is possible that you may be asked to take further tests before a final medical decision is made. The costs of these further tests are your responsibility and over and above the cost of the medical examination.


Make an appointment with a doctor from the list of designated medical practitioners. The list is divided by province. Check the list for a doctor nearest to where you live.

The medical examination, blood test, urinalysis and chest x-ray should be forwarded by the examining doctor, preferably by Registered Mail to:

Citizenship and Immigration
Immigration Health Services (RNH)
Jean Edmond Towers South
365 Laurier Avenue West, 14th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

The medical parcel should be identified with the applicant's postal address. When the medical result have been reviewed Immigration Health Services will enter them into the computerized system. You should allow at least 6 weeks from the time of mailing for the results to be entered into the system.

If there is no Designated Medical Practitioner within 200km. (150 miles) of where you reside, you should contact the nearest Immigration /Visa office for permission to use a local doctor. The Canada Immigration Centre (CIC) can mark on the IMM. 1017 "Permission given to use a local doctor".


All immigrants and certain categories of visitors who are seeking admission to Canada must satisfy Canada's medical admissibility criteria. In order to determine your medical admissibility to Canada, you and all of your dependent family members (if applicable) are required to undergo a medical examination. For this purpose you will find Citizenship and Immigration Canada "Medical Report" form(s). Please check the accuracy of all information printed on the medical form. If there are any errors, please advise us by fax or letter showing your file number.

The Medical Report form was recently revised. The latest version of the Medical Report consists of five sections, A to E. You have only received Section A, "Client Identification and Summary. " Sections B to E of the Medical Report form are for use by a medical doctor and are provided to physicians by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Health Services.

The medical examination must be performed by one of the licensed physicians shown on the "List of designated Medical Practitioners" (i.e. doctors). All family members should be examined by the same doctor. If you, or any of your dependents are outside of your home country for an extended period of time, you may see another Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP). If you do not find the applicable country listed on the pages following this letter, please contact our office by fax or mail to request the appropriate list.

Your medical examination reports and X-rays must be sent by the Designated Medical Practitioner to the following address:

Director, Health Programs (RNH)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada,
Jean Edmond Towers South, 14th Floor,
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1 Canada


1. New Information (December, 1998):

The Medical Report form, IMM 1017 (see bottom of form), is the first page of a seven-page document. The first page is titled "Section A, Client Identification & Summary.' There are six additional pages which contain Sections B through E of the Medial Report form. The six additional pages, also known as form IMM 5419, are sent in CD ROM format directly to Designated Medical Practitioners by the Director of Immigration Health Programmes (address below) for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Generally, applicants for immigration are only given Section A of the Medical Report form and do not receive Sections B to E. You should have copies of the form IMM 5419, which contains Sections B to E. If you do not, please write to the Director of Immigration Health Programmes, at the address below, for information on how to obtain the form IMM 5419 on CD ROM.

2. Procedures for medical examination:

A. The person presenting this form requires the following medical tests:

    • complete medical examination - for persons of all ages
    • chest x-ray and report - for persons 11 years of age and over
    • urinalysis - for persons 5 years of age and over
    • syphilis serology - for persons 15 years of age and over

B. The results of the examination must be reported on form IMM 1017 AND form IMM 5419. Form IMM 1017 + Form IMM 5419 = one Medical Report. One complete Medial Report is required for each person examined

C. Actual laboratory reports are required

3. Procedures for x-ray

A. The radiographer will assure himself as to the identity of the person to be x- rayed and will inscribe, over his or her signature, the name of the person, the date of the x-ray and passport number, if available, at the center bottom of the film. Care MUST be taken to ensure that the picture of the lung tissue is not obscured.

B. In his or her report, the doctor reading the chest x-ray will describe all abnormalities in the x-ray film. The report is to be signed by the doctor who will also indicate his or her office address and identify the report as relating to the film and the person concerned.

C. Large x-ray films are required, corresponding to the standard sizes of diagnostic films (35 x 43 cm).

D. The following are NOT acceptable:

    • a photograph of an x-ray
    • a report based on fluoroscopic examination only
    • an x-ray film that is technically unsatisfactory
    • a film which does not demonstrate the entire chest
    • a film more than one month old at time it is received by Immigration Health Programs in Ottawa
    • a report without the film upon which the report is based
    • a positive film or print

4. Packing and mailing the medical information:

A. The x-ray film and report, laboratory and medical reports are to be suitably packaged (not rolled) to avoid damage in transit. It is mandatory that the examining physician send all documents and chest x-ray(s) directly to the following address:

Director, Health Programmes (RNH)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Jean Edmond Towers South, 14th floor
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1L1

Note: Under no circumstances should any document or chest x-ray be given to the applicant!

B. The contents of the parcel are to be identified with the applicant's complete postal address, the address of the Immigration/Visa Office dealing with the application (found at the bottom of this page), and the file number (see box labelled "Visa Office & Number" in the upper right corner of form IMM 1017). The chest x-ray film and reports become the property of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and are NOT returnable.


1. All fees related to this medical examination are your responsibility.

2. Please bring the following to your medical appointment:

- one recent colour passport size photograph of each family member if not already provided

- eye glasses (if applicable), list of prescription drugs taken or any relevant medical report(s)

- original passport(s) or other proof of identity

3. An applicant who has passed his or her 11th birthday must obtain a standard X-ray film of the chest with a radiologist's report. An X-ray film of the chest and radiologist's report is required for children under the age of 11 years if the medical history or clinical examination of the child indicates there is a need, or if there is evidence of tuberculosis in the family.

4. The issuance of these instructions does not constitute acceptance of your application. You should not make any commitments related to the application until your case has been concluded. DO NOT DISPOSE OF PROPERTY OR EFFECTS, OR GIVE UP EMPLOYMENT OR ACCOMMODATION OR TAKE OTHER SIMILAR STEPS TOWARDS YOUR PROPOSED MIGRATION OR VISIT UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN FINALIZED.

IMPORTANT: Immigration medical results are only valid for 12 months from the date of the examination. If you have been notified that you will be required to attend a personal interview at a visa office, you should not/not schedule medical examination(s) until you have received your interview notice. This will reduce the risk of expiry of medical results before completion of the processing of your application.

5. It is possible that after the completion of your medical examination and submission of reports, further tests or reports may be requested.

6. It is recommended, and a decided advantage to all applicants, that routine immunizations for all children and adults be initiated or completed before departure for Canada, and where available, immunization records should be brought to Canada. This has many advantages for the applicant. For instance, a number of Canadian provinces require presentation of such records when children or adults enroll in school.

7. To avoid unnecessary delays, please ensure that the physician:

- answers all questions in Sections B through E of the Medical Report form;

- attaches original lab results;

- and forwards original chest x-ray(s) [DO NOT ROLL] to the address below:

Director, Health Programs (RNH)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Jean Edmond Towers South, 14th Floor
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

8. If the Designated Medical Practitioner does not have Sections B to E, of the Medical Report Form (six pages) he/she may obtain them by writing to the address above.


Persons applying for permanent residence to Canada must establish they are in good physical and mental health. Persons intending to remain in Canada as non-immigrants for more than six (6) months may also be required to undergo full examination. The cost of any medical examination must be borne by the person under examination.

Mental and Physical Examination

All applicants, regardless of age, are required to undergo a thorough medical examination by a physician, who will report the results on forms MS 1017. You may use only those physicians registered on the "Designated Medical Practitioners in the Greater Toronto Area" list. A single form MS 1017 is required for each person examined, including children of any age.

Important: Reports of Blood Wassermann and Urinalysis must be attached to MS 1017. Blood Serological Tests are not ordinarily required for children under fifteen (I5) years of age.

X-Ray and Radiological Examination

Must also be included as part of the examination. The x-rays may be taken through the physician conducting the medical examination or through hospitals or private laboratories. A radiologist's report and x-ray film must be submitted as part of the overall medical report; a complete medical assessment cannot be done unless both of the above are submitted. Applicants should, therefore, ensure that the x-ray film will be released to them or their physician in cases where the x-rays were taken in a hospital or laboratory. The x-ray film may be sent by the applicant or physician through the mail to the Immigrations medical authorities, address below. The above instructions apply to all applicants who have passed their eleventh (11th) birthday. A child under eleven years of age is required to submit an x-ray film of the chest and radiologist's report, if there is any indication of exposure to tuberculosis.

Passport Photographs

A standard unmounted passport photograph showing head and shoulders in a front view appropriate size 2" x 1-1/2" (5cm x 3-1/2cm) is to be submitted to the examining doctor for each member of the family undergoing a medical examination.

Photographs are not required for infants under eighteen (18) months.

Further Procedures

Blood Wassermann, Urinalysis, Medical Reports and Passport Photographs respecting each member of the family will be submitted by the examining doctor preferably by Registered Mail to,

Citizenship & lmmigration Canada,
International Service,
Health Program (OHP).
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0J9.
Attn: Deputy Director
Immigration Medical Assessment Unit.

Provisional Approval

When the results of the medical examination have been reviewed, the Immigration Medical Services will inform the Immigration Office dealing with application of the results. The Department of National Health and Welfare will not enter into correspondence with the person examined.

A medical Examination must be completed and forwarded to the above address prior to contacting this office for an interview.

How to Arrange your Medical Examination

To ensure prompt service, we encourage you to have a medical examination before you submit your application for permanent residence. It is your responsibility to arrange an appointment with a designated medical practitioner or through a private medical company in Canada, depending on where you live.

All applicants aged 11 and over must get a chest X-ray with a radiologist's report. This will be ordered by the designated examining physician. This is also required of children under age 11 if the child's medical history or the examination indicates a need or if there is evidence of tuberculosis in the family. The doctor will instruct you.

Immigration Medical Examination Already Completed

If you are applying for permanent residence as a live-in Caregiver and had an immigration medical examination before coming to Canada, and have not been out of the country for three consecutive months or mom, you may not require a further medical examination. You must send proof of the results of your medical examination (for example, a copy of your first employment authorization which should indicate medical results in the Remarks section) with your application.


You may not use your own family doctor. If you do not follow the instructions below, you win be required to go to a Designated Doctor and will be required to pay the fees again.

Applicants in Ontario and Quebec

If you live in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Oakville, St. Catharines, Burlington, Oshawa or Hamilton or if your postal code begins with the letters J or H and you live in Montreal or the surrounding area, you must call one of the following numbers to arrange an appointment for your medical examination through a private medical company.


If you are unable to reach any of these numbers, or if you live in Ontario or Quebec but outside the cities, you may call one of the designated medical practitioners from the enclosed list.

Applicants in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec

Make an appointment with a doctor from the list of designated medical practitioners. The list is divided according to province. Choose the doctor most convenient for you.

All Applicants and their Dependents in Canada

When you go for your medical examination, take the following:

- your passport;

- your Immigration Client ID number (if you do not know the number or do not yet have a number, leave the space on the medical form blank);

- eye glasses or contact lenses, if applicable;

- any relevant medical reports;

- four recent passport-size photographs, showing head and shoulders in a front view, approximately 50 mm X 70 mm;

- form letter (LET F) in this kit which, when completed by the examining physician, will confirm that you have undergone a medical examination. Forward the completed letter to CPC Vegreville either with your application or later. (If you do not yet have an Immigration Client ID number or you do not know your number, leave the space on this form letter blank.)

Additional tests or reports, beyond the initial medical examination, may be required before a final medical assessment is rendered.

Applicants are responsible for all costs related to the medical examination.



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