All applicants to the programs published in the Applicant Guidebook of the Ontario Colleges must apply through the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS). If you wish to apply to a program that is not listed in the Guidebook, you should contact the college offering the program for further instruction on the application procedure.

The Applicant Guidebook was developed to accompany the application. It contains the college and program codes that you must list on the application as well as important information to help you complete your application. Applications should not be given out without the Applicant Guidebook. Applicant Guidebooks are available in the guidance offices of Ontario secondary schools, in the admissions offices of the Ontario colleges, and from the Ontario College Application Services.

Submit your application, along with a $65 non-refundable application fee, to OCAS. OCAS requires only ONE application from each student per academic cycle (August 2000 through July 2001).

You may select up to five choices, with no more than three program choices at any one college. The choices should be listed on the application form in order of preference. All colleges will give equal consideration to the program choices listed.

Your choices are then forwarded by OCAS to the colleges listed on the application. You will receive an Acknowledgement Letter from OCAS confirming your choices. Included with the acknowledgement is an Amendment Form on which you can submit to OCAS any changes to your personal information or program choices.

Once you have received an Offer of Admission from a college, you will submit your Confirmation of Acceptance form to OCAS and this information is then relayed to the college of your choice.

If you are not currently attending secondary school, you may apply online using the Online Application Service at



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