Candidates applying to university in Ontario submit their applications to the Ontario Universities? Application Centre which is operated by the Council of Ontario Universities. The OUAC processes applications to first-year undergraduate programs (bachelor's degrees) and to advanced standing in these programs and forwards the application information to the universities selected.


Applicants residing in Canada who wish to enrol in an undergraduate program at any of Ontario's universities will complete this application form if they are Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada or are currently studying in Canada on a Student Authorization or other visa. This would include, but would not be limited to, the following categories of applicants:

    • all Ontario candidates who are NOT currently enrolled in an Ontario secondary school day program;
    • adult students registered in night school, correspondence programs and special adult day school programs;
    • all candidates from other Canadian provinces or territories (attending secondary or post-secondary institutions);
    • mature student candidates;
    • university and college transfer students (within or outside of Ontario).


Candidates who are not Canadian citizens and who reside outside Canada must use the OUAC 105F form which is available through the OUAC.

Do not use this form to apply to Dentistry, Common Law, Medicine, Teacher Education (Consecutive Programs) or Rehabilitation Sciences. Separate application packages for these programs are available from the OUAC.

This application form may be used for any entry point in 2001 and is valid only for the programs which appear in the Listing of University Programs and Codes for Ontario universities.


Applicants may choose to apply on the paper application or through COMPASS, the on-line application (see back cover or below for details). In either case, only one application is required for each processing year.

The OUAC 105D application will allow you to apply for any university entry point in the year 2001. For future years' applications (i.e. 2002 and beyond), a new current-year application will be required and can be obtained from the OUAC beginning in October of the previous year. Applicants using COMPASS will also need to reapply.

You may select up to three choices of university and/or program on this form for the processing fee of $85 CDN ($95 if your mailing address is outside Canada). Additional choices of universities and programs are also permitted on the application with the payment of the additional fee of $25 CDN per choice beyond three.

Once your application form has been processed and the information forwarded to the universities you have selected, the OUAC will mail to you an Acknowledgement/Amendment Form summarizing all of the data in your application file.


Remember to sign and date your application form. If the form is signed by anyone other than the applicant, the form must be accompanied by a letter from the applicant authorizing the substitute signature. When submitting your completed form to the OUAC, ensure that you enclose the application service fee and any other appropriate fees (such as additional choices fees).


COMPASS is the OUAC's online application service. Applicants can choose this format over the paper format. For information specific to applying through COMPASS, please consult the OUAC website at:


You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish; however, you may have a maximum of three program selections at any one university. Each program selection counts as one choice. Your first three choices are covered by the $85/$95 application service fee. Additional university/program choices beyond the first three will cost $25 per choice.

If you require additional space to make more university/program selections, please photocopy the front of the application form, complete only the UNIVERSITY AND PROGRAMS SELECTIONS part on the photocopy, ensure that the OUAC reference number is legible and attach it securely to your original application form.

If you have already sent in your application form and now wish to make further additional university/program selections, you may do so on the Acknowledgement/Amendment Form which will be mailed to you once your application form has been processed.

Please note that all published deadlines for applications to specific programs will also apply to additional choices. You must ensure that the OUAC has sufficient time to process your additional choices before the universities? stipulated program deadlines.

The $25 fee for each additional university/program choice must accompany the application form or Acknowledgement/Amendment Form where additional choices have been made. The OUAC will not be able to process these additional selections without the applicable fee payment.



Depending on the time of year and the volume of mail received at the OUAC, it may take up to 10 working days to process your application. When your application has been processed and forwarded to the universities you have selected, an OUAC Acknowledgement/Amendment Form will be mailed to you. Review the information on this form to verify that it is correct.

Amendments to Your Application Information

If any information is incorrect or missing, make the required changes on the Acknowledgement/Amendment Form and mail it to the OUAC. If no changes are required, keep this form for reference.

All requests for changes to your application must be received in writing and must be signed by you or by an authorized representative. When you send changes to us, we will update your file, forward the changes to the universities you have selected and send you a new Acknowledgement/Amendment Form reflecting only the changed information.

Additional University/Program Choices

If, after receiving and reviewing your Acknowledgement/Amendment Form, you wish to make further university and/or program choices, you may do so on the Acknowledgment/Amendment Form.

Amendments to Current University Selections

With the exception of additional university/program choices (noted above) changes to your existing university/program choices do not involve additional OUAC fees. If you wish to 'drop' an existing selection and 'add' a different selection in its place, please make these changes on the Acknowledgement/Amendment Form and mail it to the OUAC or change the specific program at the university to which you have applied.

University Acknowledgements

Upon receipt of your application information, most university admissions offices will send you an acknowledgement and will provide you with a list of the supporting documents they require to make an admission decision. If you have submitted your application, received the OUAC Acknowledgement/Amendment Form but have not received information from any of your selected universities, please contact them directly.


All Ontario universities are committed to offering transfer credit for courses successfully completed at recognized post-secondary institutions when the courses and grades are deemed to be acceptable to the receiving institution, and where they can be integrated into the new program. In addition to being essential to the admission decision process, the official transcripts requested are used in the determination of transfer credit or advanced standing. In some cases, the university may request that you submit detailed descriptions for the courses being considered for transfer. Each university will correspond directly with you with respect to these requirements. The number of allowable transfer credits will vary according to the regulations of the university applied to, and the nature and source of the courses in question.

It is the applicant's responsibility to arrange for official transcripts to be forwarded to the universities to which they have applied. If you add a new university, arrange to have official transcripts sent to this new university.

Special procedures have been developed for obtaining transcripts from Ontario universities, from Quebec CEGEPs, and from British Columbia secondary schools. See the specific sections below.

Do not send transcripts or supporting documents with this application. The OUAC cannot forward these documents to the universities and will not be able to return them to you.

Secondary School Transcripts

You must contact your secondary school's guidance office to arrange for your secondary school grades to be sent directly to the universities you have selected on your application form.

Grades for High School Students in British Columbia

The OUAC acts as an agent for the Ontario universities to electronically collect both mid-term (May) and final grades (July) for current-year BC students through the Ministry of Education, Skills and Training in British Columbia.

The grades are transmitted directly to the Ontario universities you have selected. However, BC high school applicants who wish to be considered for admission earlier than May should ensure that an official hardcopy transcript of their grades be sent directly to the Ontario universities at the same time as their application forms are sent to the OUAC.

Quebec CEGEP Transcripts

If you have attended or are currently attending a Quebec CEGEP, an automated process sends your "bulletin d'etudes collegiales" to the Ontario universities. Indicate your Quebec code permanent in the appropriate space on the application form to allow the OUAC to collect and transfer your grades electronically. You will not need to forward hardcopy transcripts from your CEGEP in this case.

Transcripts from Ontario Universities

If you are attending or have previously attended an Ontario university you may request transcripts using the OUAC Transcript Request Form in the forms package attached to this publication. By completing the form and sending it to the OUAC, along with the applicable fees, you give OUAC permission to electronically request and receive your grades from your previous institutions and transfer them to the universities you have selected.

The fee for each transcript requested (that is, for each university receiving the transcript) is $8 CDN. Exception is made for transcripts requested from Carleton and McMaster, for which there are no applicable fees. The fees must accompany the Transcript Request Form when it is sent to the OUAC.

All Other Transcripts

You are responsible for arranging that all other transcripts and documents from those institutions be sent directly to the universities to which you are seeking admission.


There is no general deadline for the OUAC 105D application form. Deadlines vary from institution to institution and sometimes depend on the program the applicant is seeking to enter. A list of deadlines is provided on most universities' pages. Unless otherwise specified, the deadline date listed in this booklet indicates the date by which the application must arrive at the OUAC. If the deadline has passed for a program in which you are interested, you may still contact the university to find out if the deadline has been extended. Note that the OUAC will process applications received after a deadline date and will neither refund nor return fees paid.


The OUAC 105D application form must be used to apply to part-time studies at Carleton, Guelph, Ontario College of Art & Design, Ryerson (evening only as listed on Ryerson page) and York. To apply for part-time studies at any other institution, you must contact them directly.

Remember that the application processing fee is non-refundable; if you use this form in error, your application processing fee will not be returned or refunded.


Some universities require that you apply directly through them (not through the OUAC) if you have been previously registered there. Because rules about "reapplying" vary, you should contact the university you have previously attended to determine whether or not to use the OUAC 105D form.

Remember that the application processing fee is non-refundable; if you use this form in error, your application processing fee cannot be returned or refunded.


Applicants are required to provide information about previous universities or colleges they have attended since universities normally consider all educational experiences to be part of the academic background and necessary in processing the current request.

It is important that each applicant understand and observe the terms of the certification clause that appears on the application form immediately above the space for their signature.


Evaluation of application files is performed at each university and decisions are made by the universities. The OUAC does not make admission decisions.

Offers are made at different times throughout the processing cycle, depending on the university and program. Accepting an offer of admission from one university will not cancel your application to other universities and/or programs. However, an applicant may have only one acceptance of an offer on file at any time.

If you accept a subsequent offer, the OUAC will automatically cancel the acceptance that is currently on file and record the new acceptance. Responses to offers of admission must be signed and dated. When required to meet a deadline, an acceptance may be faxed to the OUAC and the original mailed in to us with the note "Previously Faxed" indicated at the top.


Some universities permit students to defer their entries for one semester or one year. Consult the university?s admissions office or undergraduate calendar for details. You will need to reapply for admission through the OUAC and pay the application service fee. Forms are available from the OUAC.


The Ontario Universities' Application Centre processes applications for only the Ontario universities. For information on universities outside Ontario, contact the individual universities directly. Consult the OUAC 's website at for address information.


The Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology are not part of this application system. General inquiries should be made to the Ontario College Application Service, 370 Speedvale Avenue West, P.O. Box 810, Guelph ON  N1H 6M4; telephone 519 763-4725.


The personal information collected on this application will be used by the Ontario Universities? Application Centre and by the universities you have chosen for making decisions related to admissions. Afterwards, this information may be used by the Ontario Universities? Application Centre, the universities, the Ministry of Education and Training and Statistics Canada for statistical and research purposes and, for these purposes, may also be linked with student information databases maintained by the university which you eventually choose to attend in order to develop and maintain policies, programs and funding mechanisms.


By signing and submitting the admission application form, applicants authorize and agree to the following:

1) Complete university verification of all information provided as part of this application for admission;

2) That an admission granted on the basis of this application or supporting documents will be revoked if the information given is untrue in any material respect;

3) That information about falsified or incomplete documents is shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and its institutional members.



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