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A Canadian site, EnterWeb is an Internet Virtual Library with an international perspective. It has information on all aspects of entrepreneurship, self-employment, and small business management. The site is organized into broad topics, such as international commerce, economic development, financing, small business management, e-commerce and many others. A very complete site.


Possibly the most impressive of all information sources on entrepreneurship! This site is jam-packed with articles, tools, and advice on all issues related to setting up your own business. Start-up difficulties, balancing business and family life, planning for growth - these questions and more are addressed here!

(CIP) If you are thinking of starting your own business or becoming self-employed, read the articles in the "Entrepreneurship as a career" section. See:
This should give you plenty to think about!

Canada Business Services Centers (CBSC)

The CBSC's mission is to provide start-up assistance to new entrepreneurs, to help small business and to encourage entrepreneurial growth. No matter what field you are interested in, this site will provide vital information on governmental assistance programs. Peruse the directory or use the search engine to find the information you need more quickly. You will find a link to your province's CBSC web site on the home page, where you can find even more information.

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Intervision -Youth Business Online (Canadian Youth Business Foundation)

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation offers technical advice and support to young entrepreneurs. This site provides a number of tools to help you with your start-up: different models of a business plan, a directory of available financing, a guide to business regulations, and a listing of advisors and experts in many provinces. There is even a newsgroup for young entrepreneurs and an online counselling service, as well as a description of the Foundation's own financing and mentoring programs.

Online Small Business Workshop
This site is a must! Produced by the CBSC British Columbia, this is a truly complete guide to founding a small business. It deals with everything from the original business idea to the actual start-up, from financing to planning to marketing. Each section is full of precious advice and information. Its comprehensiveness will astound you!

Tip: To fully benefit from the information presented on this site, go through each section in order. Don't just browse through it.

(CIP) The section on business idea is a gem. Check it out at:

Strategis- Business Support and Financing
Home page-

Both the would-be entrepreneur and the seasoned business owner will appreciate the wealth of information on business tools and resources, financing for growth, international marketing, e-commerce, government programs, and other important issues published on this site. In fact, you can probably find any business information that you may need on this site alone!

Strategis - Starting a Small Business
Home page:

Eager to start your business, but don't know how to deal with legalities? Need to understand the law better? Click on the "Business Roadmaps' for a quick guide by province. Learn about registering your business, licenses, taxation rules, employment standards, and other important matters. This site offers informative articles, a software directory and a listing of agencies that will help you get started off on the right foot. Very useful!

Tip: To gain the knowledge you need to, participate effectively in the global economy, click on "Multi-cultural Advisors" to find people and organizations that will help you to do business equally well at home or abroad.

Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is Canada's small business bank. You will find a description of its financial programs under various headings; business start-up, business growth, exporting, refinancing, etc. You will also find links to many other sites with relevant services or information. The BDC also offers consulting and management services. To find the BDC's office in your area, select your province from the "Your Local Connection" field.


Paul and Sarah Edwards Web Site
Paul and Sarah Edwards are well-known authors and experts on self- employment. They offer advice to entrepreneurs such as start-up ideas, marketing tips, and much more. A worthwhile site!

(CIP) Looking for a start-up idea for your own business? You will find 1600 of them at:

Minding Your Own Business Home page:
Do you want to start your own business but are not sure what it involves? Or if you have what it takes? This site can address some of your doubts. It will help you understand the personal qualities and skills that you will need to run your own business. It outlines the different types of business structures and approaches that you will need to consider. The experiences of other entrepreneurs illustrate each section and there are links to other resources.


Calmeadow is a Canadian, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the self-employed access credit and financing. It also offers micro-financing. Small loans are offered to groups of people who are setting up their own micro-business. These peer groups provide support, collaboration, and shared accountability. This site explains in detail the procedures involved in setting up a peer group and lists a number of other micro-financing services across Canada.

Self Employment Development Initiatives (SEDI)
This web site will introduce you to the Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) that enables unemployed people to start their own micro-business while receiving Employment Insurance benefits. Note that this is an HRDC program and is available elsewhere in Canada, even though this site offers information that is specific to Toronto.



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