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Will I receive a copy of the medical report and the result of the medical examination?

All medical reports and X-rays for the Immigration Medical Examination become the property of the Canadian Immigration Medical Authorities and cannot be returned to the applicant. The designated physician will not advise you of the results of the medical. The final decision on whether or not a medical is acceptable is determined by the visa office and not the designated physician. If your medical does not meet immigration requirements, the visa office will inform you by letter.

For how long is the medical examination valid?

The medical examination is valid for 12 months from the date of the first medical examination or test. If your visa is not processed in this time, you must take another complete examination.

Must everyone in my family have a medical examination?


Can my own doctor do the medical examination?

No. The examination must be done by a doctor on Canada's list of Designated Medical Physicians.

My children are studying abroad and cannot return home for their immigration medical examination for another six months. I do not want to delay submitting my application. What should I do?

Whenever possible, all family members must be examined by the same designated physician. If this is impossible, arrange your medical with the designated physician and advise him/her that your dependants are abroad and will arrange to have their medical exams done by a designated physician closer to them. Then forward a copy of the Medical Report Form to each dependant with the addresses of their nearest designated physicians. This list of physicians may be obtained from the Visa Office. Ensure that the box titled "Name of Head of Family" in the Medical Report Form contains your name. Your dependants should then arrange to have their examinations. They should tell the designated physician to forward the completed medical report to the same Canadian medical office that received your report. Your dependant's medical will be matched with your file as the Medical Report Form will have your name written in the box titled "Name of Head of Family". NOTE: Medical instructions will normally be sent to you after you submit your application to the Visa Office.

I do not understand "excessive demand" or whether my ailment would place an excessive demand on Canada's health or social services. Can you tell me more?

The factors considered during the medical assessment include whether or not hospitalization or medical, social or institutional care are required and whether potential employability or productivity could be affected. For example, a person with a serious disease or psychiatric disorder that requires ongoing care or hospitalization may be inadmissible because their requirements would place "excessive demand" on the health-care system. Individuals with developmental delay or congenital disorders who require special education or training to lead an independent life may also be inadmissible. Other conditions which could place a significant financial burden on Canada's health or social services would also render an applicant medically inadmissible.

Can the doctor advise me regarding my application?

No. The doctor is only responsible for conducting a medical examination in accordance with Canada's immigration requirements. The designated physician cannot provide any advice on the immigration selection system.




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