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A Record of Landing is an historical document that contains information about a landed immigrant that was relevant at the time the individual received his/her permanent resident status in Canada. A Record of Landing is not an ongoing identity document. In other words, it does not change to reflect life events such as marriage, birth of children, name changes, death or other happenings after the landing date. Requests for these types of changes should go to the Registrar General of the province or territory in which you live.

Signing a Record of Landing document confirms that the information was correct at the time the document was signed. Therefore, only errors in family name, given name(s), date of birth, country of birth, citizenship, sex, marital status, date of original entry, and date of landing will be corrected if an error is found. Information that is not related to the individual's identity will not be corrected.

Changes will be considered if:

       the error was made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in recording the information provided by the individual when he/she applied to come to Canada; and

       the individual submits supporting documents to prove that the new information predates his/her application for permanent residence. An individual may apply to amend a Record of Landing for up to three years after the date of landing in Canada. In determining whether or not to accept an application to amend a Record of Landing, CIC will conduct a thorough review of the individual's immigration file and the supporting documents submitted.




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