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What happens when I arrive in Canada?

When you arrive, you must present your immigrant visa to a customs/immigration officer. The officer will check your visa and travel document and ask you questions similar to those on the immigration application form to verify that you are of good character and in good health. The officer may also request proof that you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada. If there are no difficulties, the officer will authorize your admission to Canada as a permanent resident.

What settlement services are available?

Canada's settlement services are limited. You can learn about them from Canada Immigration Centres, Human Resources Canada Centres and private organizations. It is your responsibility to find a job when you arrive. You should have enough money to support yourself and your dependants until you get a job.

Can you help me find a job, tell me in which occupation I should apply and give me specific advice about my application before I commit to paying the processing fee, getting all the documents together and undergoing a medical?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide this type of assistance. The immigration selection criteria and process require potential immigrants to prove their own initiative, resourcefulness and motivation by researching their employment prospects, finding out if their qualifications and experience are transferable to the Canadian labour market and to assess themselves on the points system.

After landing in Canada, what if I need to return to my country to settle my affairs?

Following landing in Canada, immigrants may stay out of Canada for three years in every period of five years without loosing his / her permanent resident status.



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