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Examine carefully your visa for the validity date. To become a permanent resident of Canada with this visa, you must arrive in Canada on or before the date in box 33. After the date of validity, this visa will be invalid and you will not be able to use it for travel to Canada.

A request for a new visa with a later validity date will in general require a new application for permanent residence in Canada with another fee payment at current established rates.

All applications for permanent residence in Canada are assessed according to existing laws and regulations in force at the time of the application. The fact that a visa was previously issued to you does not necessarily mean that a subsequent application will be approved.


Your Canadian immigrant visa is contained in the enclosed envelope, If you are being accompanied to Canada by your spouse and/or dependent children, you will also find their visas enclosed.

The visa is not valid unless you are holding a valid passport or/are included in the valid passport of a person you are accompanying.

If there is a change in the legal status of you or any member of the family (marriage, birth, divorce, death, etc.), you must notify us before your departure so that we can give you the appropriate instructions.

No member of the family may precede the head of the family to Canada although the other members of the family may follow the head of the family providing their visas remain valid. If they are not able, however, to travel to Canada before their visas expire, your spouse and any children must again satisfy all the requirements of Canadian law. Further, you will be required to contact the nearest Canada Immigration Centre or the Quebec Ministry of Immigration to obtain the necessary instructions.

Please note that ail persons less than 18 years of age who will be attending school in Ontario or New Brunswick must produce vaccination certificates against the following diseases: diphtheria, rubella, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles and mumps, prior to enrolment. These certificates may be obtained from your family physician, school or government health authority.

Students who arrive without evidence of immunisation will be given 60 days to comply, although they may be allowed to attend school at the discretion of the local medical officer of health while the required inoculations are being completed.

We advise strongly that you take with you all your personal and professional papers such as birth and marriage certificates, school diplomas and letters of reference. Those destined to Quebec must also be in possession of the "Certificat de Selection" issued by the Quebec government.

If a confirmation of offer of employment is attached to your visa, you must take it with you to Canada. You should, however, understand that the offer of employment is not a contract. Nevertheless, if the employer does not abide by the terms of the offer of employment, we strongly urge you to advise the Canada Employment Centre or the Quebec Ministry of Immigration.

Remember to register for hospital and medical care insurance programs immediately after your arrival. Failure to do so could cause you serious financial difficulties should you become ill. You can register by writing to the appropriate provincial body. You can obtain the address at the part of entry in Canada.

Canada Employment Cantres are located in all parts of the country. Experienced counsellors are available to help you find employment which most closely corresponds to your qualifications. The Ministry of Immigration of Quebec also provides many services including employment counselling and placement.

If you have been sponsored by your fiance(e), in Canada, remember you must marry within ninety (90) days of your arrival in Canada. The officer at the port of entry may request that you present yourself with your marriage certificate to a Canada Immigration Centre.



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