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• Request For Exemption From Permanent Resident Visa Requirement (IMM 5001)

• Two (2) photocopies (three (3) if you live in Québec) of the Request for Exemption From Permanent Resident Visa Requirement (IMM 5001) form

• Supplementary Information Form - Humanitarian and Compassionate Case (IMM 5283)

• Authority to Release Information to Designated Individuals (IMM 5476), if applicable

• Any documents that support why you think there may be sufficient humanitarian and compassionate grounds to have your application for landing processed from within Canada. (Example: death certificate if you are widowed, a letter from a medical doctor, bank statements, employment letters, police reports, etc.)

Photocopies of the following items:

(For each person included in the application. Photocopies do not need to be certified.)

• Passport pages clearly showing the passport number, name, date of birth, passport issue/expiry date and stamp made by Canadian authority showing most recent entry into Canada

• Both sides of a United States Alien Registration card (Green card), if applicable

• Birth certificates or baptismal certificates

• Adoption papers, if applicant is an adopted child

• Marriage certificate

• Proof of your common-law relationship (e.g., evidence of joint bank, trust, credit union or charge card accounts; jointly signed residential lease, mortgage or purchase agreement; statutory declarations of individuals with personal knowledge that your relationship is genuine and continuing), if applicable

• Divorce, annulment or death certificates if you were previously married

• Custody papers for dependent children from a previous marriage/relationship

• Proof of status in Canada (visitor visa, study permit, work permit or temporary resident permit)

If you have a sponsor:

• Completed sponsorship application forms

• Photocopies of proof of relationship to your sponsor

Original documents:

• Police Certificate(s)

• Certified translations for all documents (e.g. police, birth certificates, etc.) that are not in English or French


• Two (2) passport-size photos of you and any dependants in Canada stapled to the Request for Exemption from Permanent Resident Visa Requirement (IMM 5001) form. Make sure names are written on the back.

Processing Fees

• Copy 2 of the Receipt form that has been stamped by a financial institution showing the amount paid. (No other form of payment is acceptable.)

This Document Checklist (IMM 5280)

You have addressed the envelope with correct postage to:
Case Processing Centre, Vegreville, AB, T9C 1W3




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