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1. How much faster is immigration under the BC PNP, compared to other Canadian immigration programs?

Times will vary from case to case, depending on individual circumstances. However, immigration under the BC PNP is significantly faster, compared to other Canadian immigration programs.

2. Will it speed up the process if I apply to the BC PNP and to Citizenship and Immigration Canada at the same time?

No. In fact, it would cause confusion and actually slow the process down.

If you have already applied to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, British Columbia will still consider your provincial nominee application. However, the application process may be slower.

3. What if I apply to another province's Provincial Nominee Program? Will that speed up my B.C. application?

No. B.C. is looking for a solid commitment from you to live and work in British Columbia. If you apply to another province at the same time, it could suggest that you are not serious about wanting to come to B.C.

4. What is the Canadian government's role in the BC PNP?

The Canadian government conducts medical and security checks and issues visas for people who immigrate under the BC PNP.

5. If I am approved for the BC PNP, does that guarantee my immigration to Canada?

No. The BC PNP only allows British Columbia to nominate people for immigration. Successful nominees must still meet Canadian medical and security requirements for immigration.

6. What about my family? Does the BC PNP allow them to immigrate with me?

Yes. An individual's spouse and dependents may accompany a nominee under the BC PNP.

7. What if I already live in British Columbia? Can I use the BC PNP to help my family members immigrate?

If your family members meet the criteria for the BC PNP, they are eligible to apply. However, the BC PNP is a targeted economic program, designed for a limited number of individuals.




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