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What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program (MB PNP)?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee program is an immigration program. It allows the government of Manitoba to recruit and assess immigrants who are best suited to contribute to the province’s economy and who intend to live and work in Manitoba. The MB PNP seeks out potential immigrants who are good candidates for Manitoba but who otherwise may not qualify under Canada’s immigration criteria. An applicant nominated by Manitoba should receive favourable and prompt consideration from Citizenship and Immigration Canada as long as they comply with medical and statutory requirements.

There are two categories of immigrants under the Provincial Nominee program. One is skilled workers and the other is business immigrants. This application kit has information and forms for skilled workers; that is, individuals with a combination of education, training and experience that allow them to contribute to and benefit from Manitoba’s economic growth. Information on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program for business is available on the Internet at www.immigratemanitoba.com or by contacting Manitoba Labour and Immigration at (Canada 001) 204-945-2806.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee program for skilled workers

Under the MB PNP for skilled workers, Manitoba recruits, screens and nominates prospective immigrants with the skills to fill specific Manitoba labour market requirements. If you are a skilled worker and are interested in living and working in Manitoba, you have the best chance of being nominated if:

• your training and work experience is in demand in Manitoba;

• you have a guaranteed job offer consistent with your training and experience; and

• you have settlement supports in Manitoba to assist you upon your arrival in Manitoba.

The above factors are determined when your application is assessed according to the criteria outlined in this kit. If Manitoba nominates you, a Certificate of Nomination will be issued. You can then apply for a permanent resident visa through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You must still meet the federal regulatory requirements (medical examination, security and criminal checks) as outlined by CIC.

How do I know if I should apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program?

Please consult the section entitled, “Who May Apply?”. If you meet these conditions, complete the Self-Assessment Guide to see if you have 55 or more points. If your self-assessment shows that you have a good chance to be considered, and you want to live and work in Manitoba, you should submit your application and necessary supporting documents to Manitoba Labour and Immigration.

What criteria are used to assess Provincial Nominee applications?

The criteria, as defined by Manitoba Labour and Immigration, include age, education, occupational demand in Manitoba, guaranteed employment in Manitoba, work experience, regional development, language and adaptability.

Do I need to engage the services of a representative (i.e. lawyer or consultant) to help me complete my forms or advise me on my application?

You are not required to have a representative. Some people do choose to have a representative; however, if you hire someone, your application will not receive special attention, or be handled differently from other applications. Please see the brochure Immigration Representatives: Who they are and what you should know about them, included in this package or on our Web site:

Who do I include in my application?

Your spouse and all your dependent children must be included in your application. (See Important Terms for a definition of dependent children.) Your spouse and other dependent family members 18 years of age or over must complete the IMM 0008 and IMM 5406 forms.

What about my dependents who are not accompanying me to Canada?

All your dependents, whether they accompany you to Canada or not, must be included in Part A of your IMM 0008 application form. If they are 18 years of age or over, they must complete their own IMM 0008 and IMM 5406 application forms whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not.

Can my child, who is not considered a dependent according to CIC, come with my family to Manitoba?

Manitoba Labour and Immigration may issue Provincial Nominee Certificates of Nomination for accompanying adult dependents in order to facilitate the settling and retaining of the larger family unit in Manitoba. Certain conditions must be met for your adult dependent to be considered an accompanying family member under MB PNP. Consult “Who May Apply?” for details.

Can I claim my fiancé(e) as a dependent?

A fiancé(e) is not a dependent for purposes of immigration. If your fiancé(e) intends to accompany you to Manitoba, and you are not getting married before you apply for the MB PNP, he/she would need to fill out their own application and qualify on their own as a principal applicant.

Does it help if I have relatives in Manitoba?

Yes. If you or your spouse have a daughter, son, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew or first cousin in Manitoba, you will have a better chance of qualifying for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program. Your relative must reside in Manitoba, be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
who is 18 years of age or older, and may be required to sign an affidavit of support. Proof of that relationship will be required.

What if I have no relatives in Manitoba but other Manitoba residents have offered to assist me in settling in Manitoba?

Under the family-like support provisions, a group of five or more adults are eligible to commit support for a provincial nominee. The supporters must meet established criteria and sign an affidavit that they will support the applicant and any dependents for a minimum of one year. A copy of the affidavit is available
from Manitoba Labour and Immigration.

If my intended occupation requires licensing or registration, do I need to have all my work-related documentation in order before applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program?

It depends on your occupation. Each province in Canada has different and strict accreditation requirements. Please research your individual case carefully. Consult our Web site, www.immigratemanitoba.com for links to sites that can give you more information.

Do my documents have to be translated by a certified translator?

All documents must be accurately translated into English or French for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program. If nominated, the Canada visa office may require your documents to be translated by a certified translator.

I have a guaranteed job offer but my occupation is not on the Manitoba High Demand Occupations List for Provincial Nominees (HDOL-PN). Will I receive points for this job offer?

We recognize that there may be guaranteed job offers for occupations where you possess unique skills that are in demand, but the number of positions available do not warrant being listed on the HDOL-PN. There is a possibility we would consider giving points for your job offer, if your intended occupation is one
considered to be in demand in Manitoba. The employer may provide any available documentation to help determine that your employment will not take jobs away from Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

How do I qualify for points under Regional Development?

If there is a demonstrated connection to your destination, which is outside the perimeter of Winnipeg, you may qualify for points under Regional Development. You need to demonstrate this connection and prove to Manitoba Labour and Immigration that you truly intend to settle and work there. Proof may include, but
is not limited to:

• relatives in the area

• friends in the area

• other unique ties to the community

• experience living and/or working in a rural area

• a list of potential employers in the region who require your occupation in that region

• proof of direct contact between the applicant and the employer

• any other documentation to help establish this connection

How much money must I bring with me to settle in Manitoba?

Provincial nominees are expected to be financially self-sufficient when they arrive in Manitoba. The amount of available money that you need will depend on a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to whether you have a job in Manitoba, if you have relatives or other family-like support, or if your spouse has a good chance of finding work. We will ask for further information about your financial resources when necessary. It is your responsibility to convince Manitoba Labour and Immigration that you have sufficient support. As a general guide, the Government of Canada recommends that you have at least $10,000 (Canadian) plus $2,000 (Canadian) for each accompanying dependent.

Is there a deadline for applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program?

No. However, the selection criteria may change without notice. The occupations that are in demand in the province of Manitoba may also change. Your application will be assessed according to the criteria in place at the time we receive your application.

What fees will I have to pay?

There is no fee for applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program. If you are approved as a provincial nominee, you will have to pay all federal processing fees and Right of Landing fees that apply to each member of your family. Do NOT include fees with your Provincial Nominee application for skilled workers.
The federal fees, which are paid to the Canada visa office, should ONLY be paid if, and when, you are instructed to do so, by Manitoba Labour and Immigration.

Who assesses the applications for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program?

Immigration program officers at Manitoba Labour and Immigration assess all applications. Each application is reviewed by at least two program officers.

If I am approved for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program for skilled workers, what is my next step?

If you are approved as a Manitoba provincial nominee, you will receive a letter that explains the next steps. Successful applicants will be asked to submit their ORIGINAL application to a Canada visa office as soon as possible, and not longer than 180 days of being nominated by Manitoba Labour and Immigration.

NOTE: The first step in this two-step application process is to submit your Manitoba Provincial Nominee application to Manitoba Labour and Immigration (address indicated in this package). Those chosen for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program will be instructed on how to apply for their permanent resident
visa through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which has the final authority for issuing immigration visas. Do NOT send original documents to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program.


Will I require a medical examination or criminal and security clearance?

Although a medical examination, and criminal and security checks are not required to be approved as a Manitoba provincial nominee, they will be required before you can receive a permanent resident visa for Canada. A person who is approved as a Manitoba provincial nominee, his or her spouse and dependent
children, whether accompanying or not, will each need to have a medical examination. All adults will require a criminal and security check as well. Any related costs are the responsibility of the applicant. The medical examination and background checks are requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Successful applicants will receive further instructions regarding how and when to complete these tasks. Manitoba will withdraw the PN Certificate of Nomination prior to the issuance of the Permanent Resident visa (IMM 1000) if:

• the provincial nominee, or any accompanying dependent, is found inadmissible as a result of medical, criminal or security checks, or

• Manitoba Labour and Immigration learns that information provided in the application is false or misleading.


How long will it take for me to receive a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa?

Applying for a permanent resident visa under the Provincial Nominee program is a two-step process. The first step is the assessment and decision made on your application by Manitoba Labour and Immigration. Information on current processing times is available by contacting Manitoba Labour and Immigration.
If approved as a Manitoba provincial nominee, the second step begins when you apply to a Canada visa office for a permanent resident visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada attempts to process Manitoba provincial nominees as quickly as possible. While processing times can vary from post to post, processing times on average are significantly less for provincial nominees than for applications through the federal streams. A significant difference is that if all documents are complete, an interview by the Canada visa office may not be required for Manitoba provincial nominees.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that an interview will be waived; however, experience has shown this is more likely to occur if an applicant is supported by a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Certificate.

The following can delay processing of your application: incomplete or unsigned application forms; missing documents; insufficient postage; missing fees; unclear photocopies; documents not accompanied by a certified English or French translation; a medical condition that may require additional tests; involvement in criminal activity; family situations such as divorce, custody or maintenance issues; or failure to notify of a change of address. YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED FASTER IF ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE AVOIDED.

Who May Apply?

General: Skilled workers may apply if they:

• are 18 years of age or older when their application reaches Manitoba Labour and Immigration;

• believe, after completing the self-assessment guide, that they meet the selection criteria and can provide all the required supporting documents; and

• reside outside of Canada OR have proof of legal status in Canada*.

*Please be advised that Manitoba Labour and Immigration will only assess an application if the applicant and dependents (if applicable) are residing outside of Canada or can provide proof that they have legal status in Canada. For example, refugee claimants in Canada are not eligible for consideration.

Foreign temporary workers in skilled occupations may apply if they:

• have an employment authorization for work in Manitoba that was validated by Human Resources Development Canada. The current employer may be contacted to determine the need for permanent workers in that occupation, and/or a willingness to hire on a permanent basis.

Foreign temporary workers in semi-skilled occupations* may apply if they:

• have been working in Manitoba for at least 12 months in a semi-skilled job that was validated by Human Resources Development Canada;

• have an employment authorization for work in Manitoba that is valid for longer than 12 months, or one that has been renewed beyond the initial 12 months; and

• have a guaranteed job offer from their current Manitoba employer that meets the criteria as explained in the Self-Assessment Guide.

*Semi-skilled occupations, for purposes of assessment under the MB PNP, have certain factors in common, including high turnover, frequent internal movement and on-the-job training. Semi-skilled occupations generally require two to four years of secondary school education (high school) along with short work demonstration or on-the-job training.

International students in Manitoba may apply if they:

• are 18 years or older when their application reaches Manitoba Labour and Immigration;

• have completed a course of post-secondary studies in a Manitoba educational institution;

• have completed at least six months of post-graduate employment (E08 Exemption) and are working in a study-related job; and

• have a guaranteed job offer in Manitoba that meets the criteria explained in the Self-Assessment Guide.

Accompanying adult dependents may be issued a MB PNP Certificate of Nomination if the principal applicant (parent) is approved as a provincial nominee and if the adult dependent:

• is between the ages of 18-25 and is not considered a dependent child by CIC;

• achieves a minimum of 25 points under CIC’s skilled worker program;

• has never been married or had children of their own;

• is living with the principal applicant (parent) at the time the application is made; and

• will be travelling to Manitoba at the same time as the principal applicant.

Adult dependents who wish to accompany their families to Manitoba, and who meet the above conditions, should include an IMM 0008, IMM 5406 and supporting documents for those forms together with the parent’s application.




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