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What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)?

The SINP is an immigration program under which the Province of Saskatchewan selects individuals from other countries and nominates them to the federal government for landed immigrant status. SINP eligibility criteria are designed to meet the specific needs of the Saskatchewan labour market and economy.

How do I apply to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

You must complete an SINP application in one of our three categories – Skilled Worker/Professional, Business, or Farm Owner/Operator – along with the appropriate federal application for your category. Your SINP and federal application will be reviewed by SINP program officers and, if you meet the SINP eligibility criteria, you will be nominated to the federal government. When you receive notice of your nomination, you must then submit the federal application to the appropriate visa office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), who will review your file and will undertake health, security and criminality background checks.

Do I need to meet the eligibility requirements of federal immigration classes?

No. SINP’s eligibility criteria will be used to assess your application. You will, however, be subject to the federal government’s health, security and criminality reviews, and could be asked to supply additional information to CIC. In some cases, individuals may be approved under Saskatchewan’s criteria that would be refused under federal immigration classes.

How long will it take to get a visa under the SINP?

Processing times vary, however, successful SINP applications typically receive visas considerably quicker than individuals applying through federal immigration classes. In the first two years of operating the SINP, the average time from making the SINP application to receiving a visa was about eight months.

Will I be interviewed by a federal immigration officer?

This is unlikely.

Where do I submit the SINP application?

The address can be found on the SINP application forms for each of the three categories.

Am I required to get a medical check done?

Yes. If you are nominated under the SINP, you will receive instructions from the Canadian visa office on how to get medical examinations done for you and your family members.

Will background checks be done on me?

Yes. SINP nominees and their adult family members undergo security and criminality screening by CIC, as do all other immigrants to Canada. This will occur when your nomination is forwarded to the federal government by Saskatchewan Immigration Branch.

What financial assets do I need under the SINP?

This varies between the three SINP categories:

  • There are no financial requirements under the SINP Skilled Worker/Professional category but federal guidelines recommend that immigrants arrive with a minimum of $10,000 plus $2,000 for each dependent, or some other source of financial support in Canada.

  • Business applicants should have financial resources appropriate for their business plans in Saskatchewan.

  • Farmers are asked to prove a net worth of $500,000 (Can.).

I am eager to move as soon as possible. When should I make arrangements to move to Saskatchewan?

Applicants should not make arrangements to move from their current country of residence (e.g. quitting their job, selling their house or business) until they are notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that a visa is being issued to them.

I have applied for refugee status in Canada. Can I also apply to the SINP?

No. The SINP will not process any applications for individuals who are applying in any other immigration category, including a refugee claim.

I am working in Saskatchewan on a Temporary Work Authorization and may qualify in a SINP category. Could I be considered under the SINP?


I wish to immigrate to Canada and am willing to invest in a business in Saskatchewan. Am I eligible under the SINP Business category?

Business applicants must show they intend to manage and operate a business in Saskatchewan, not just invest in it, and that they will live in Saskatchewan. Passive investments, that is, investment in a business without ongoing management responsibilities, are not eligible. Individuals wishing to immigrate as passive investors may apply under the federal Immigrant Investor Program administered by CIC.

Do I need to get my trade or profession credentials recognized in Saskatchewan before applying to the SINP as a Skilled Worker/Professional applicant?

You must provide documented proof of your education, training, occupational credentials and/or work experience that show you can become eligible to work in your occupation in Saskatchewan after your arrival. If necessary, SINP program officers may ask you to have your credentials reviewed by a qualification assessment organization or the regulatory body responsible for your occupation in Saskatchewan.




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